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Step by step

July 31, 2013

There is still half of the summer left and yet, step by step, one thousand and one steps (at least that’s how much it felt) are done!


First, there was building of the little terrace extension (as requested by the better half) for more sun chair capacity (and a hot water tub enhancement later on). Then there was building of steps in front of the Villa, on the sides of the Villa, and down to the next level.


I added 7 concrete pillars and removed the last terrace board of the terrace built last year.


The support beams (adding up to 17 meters were placed first. 31 beams in distances of 60 cm each are attached to the “old” terrace with 6 mm screws.


The posts of the railings were attached next.


The terrace boards were screwed on with some 500 screws.


The crosses in the railings complete the terrace extension part. Next up was building the stairs which are already featured on the first photo of this blog post.


There are also small steps down to the sauna and towards the guest cottage on each side of the lake terrace.

And not to forget, some 200 wheel barrels totaling 4 tons of tree bark complete the looks and the summer mega project.


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