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I know what you did last summer…

July 4, 2013

It’s summer time. The bees are buzzing. Finnish towns are invaded by tourists and Finns have evacuated to the countryside. What will Finns do during the precious summer vacation? Well, there is one thing besides the fishing, going to sauna, and chopping wood that seems to have become more and more trendy in recent years: building terraces!

You can see it from the advertising of the building supply markets, you can see from the Facebook updates of your friends, and you can see it from an seemingly never-ending amount of trailers loaded with terrace boards and beams. Most of these trailers should carry a “Load Exceptionel” sign like trucks carrying oversize loads do because the terrace boards are hanging over the end some 2 meters.

And since I intend to become a better Finn (not quite like a real one but anyway sticking around for good) I chose to join the terrace building frenzy and extend the lake terrace of Villa Linnea. Because I don’t feel like hauling 1.75 tons of materials in a trailer to the villa (some 20 km from the nearest building supply market) I ordered the stuff from


The stuff arrived within two days from placing the order and the quality of the material is so far as expected. Last year I paid our builder 165 Euro to haul the material for the lake terrace to the site and therefore the 159 Euro delivery charges felt like a fair price.

When you see a photo like the one above and the following one …


… you know what I will be doing this summer! Have a great summer everybody!

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