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Just like a summer rain

June 23, 2013

You turn the faucet gently. Few drops are falling down.  Soft, warm rain is falling from above you. That’s the priceless experience of a shower at Villa Linnea. It’s a Oras shower that creates this experience that is both enjoyable and pragmatically cleansing the skin from above.


In the photo above, be aware that there is no wall light within the shower corner. It the reflection in the glass from the wall lights above the vanity unit. The shower corner itself is built from tailor-made, hardened glass reaching all the way to the ceiling. We have ordered it from a company specialized in glass processing called Suomen Glasluckan located in Valkeakoski. We are more than happy with the service, the delivered product, and also the price which came in lower than we expected.


The vanity unit now also complete and got its final touch with a mirror that I made myself. I bought the mirror itself from Ikea, removed the frame around it, and build a new frame myself.


One of the last things to built is the “utility” wall. It consists of the 270 liter warm-water heater and two cabinets. One holds all cleaning utensils and the other one hasn’t found it purpose in life yet. In the middle is a space for a washing machine. Since we haven’t felt the urge to do laundry at the countryside yet, we keep on dragging our dirty laundry to town to be washed.

And last, but not least, the toilet has gotten its “supportive” elements i.e the toilet paper holder and the toilet brush holder.


So, with everything pretty much working, I consider the mega-project of the bathroom completed and can look forward to a summer with a shower and place to sit and read.

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