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Turning a Mökki into a Villa

June 3, 2013

A gentle pull on the handle. A few microseconds of waiting wondering whether I followed all instructions correctly. Did I turn on the right switch.? Did I turn the right lever? But yes, here it comes, the first water comes pouring out of the faucet!


What a joy! It’s like joining the civilization! After 5 years without running water, it’s almost a shame how quickly one gets used to the running water. It’s so convenient to just pull the handle and … there it is! The plumbers have done a good job. Isn’t it nice not having to worry about going to the outhouse in minus 15 degrees in the morning? Or carrying 10 liters water from the city to the countryside in the spring because the well hasn’t been run empty (=fresh water) after the winter? And if you need to get up in the night to powder your nose? Instead of putting multiple layers of clothes on, just take a seat…


This weekend was dedicated to finishing small projects in the bathroom such as putting silicone around the toilet seat and the wash basin on top the vanity unit.


On the right hand side of the photo above you can barely recognize the 270 liters warm water tank. It will be covered somehow neatly later on. There is still plenty to do in the bathroom. More work needs to be done for example on the water connection to the toilet. The first version that the plumbers suggested looked like this:


I’m not sure what this piece of “art” is supposed to represent: a forgotten tampon on the floor, a dynamite stick stuck in the floor, or a metamorphosis of plastic and steel? Anyway, it’s ugly as hell. I asked then plumbers politely to make this look nicer. At least, let’s get rid of that white plastic cover. And that’s what I’ve got:


This is not exactly what I was going for. Well, I have already an idea how to make this work. But for that I need to hit the hardware store first. Also needing some parts from the hardware shop are the glass walls in the shower corner because the ceiling has to be able to set with the logs. But already the two custom-made walls without the door make a big difference.


So, what’s the difference between a mökki and a villa? Well, at this point, I would claim – besides the obvious size difference – it’s the running water.

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