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Two of a kind

May 15, 2013

If you love doing something, you do it over and over again, right?

The bathroom project has several of those moments, when you feel like that good is not good enough. Let’s take a look at the custom-built wall behind the vanity unit. It’s a neat wall with embedded cabinets. It’s all there: light switch, power outlet hidden in the cabinet for recharging your toothbrush, cables for lamps. It’s kind of ready…


… yet it isn’t. There are so many things wrong with it:

– firstly, the whole damn wall is not leveled. I used only a short level. I ended up with a 10 mm height difference on a distance of 170 cm. Massive beginners failure. It didn’t matter until I leveled the vanity unit and the table top and the wall patterns run in different directions

– secondly, the light switch is not in the centre under the cabinet

– thirdly, the patterns of the cabinet doors don’t match the patterns of the panels around them

– fourthly, the panels of the wall and the tiles besides it are not in the same depth. They are supposed to be but the beams carrying the wall panels seem to be of slightly different width as they are made from rough-sawn beams

– and finally, worst of all, the vanity unit, the cabinets, just everything is not in the middle of this artificial wall.

The conclusion could be only one: The crowbar came into action. I removed almost everything again. I left only the electricity cables.


Then I build the supporting wall structure again, now with precise engineering wood. After chiseling away half a log I placed the cabinets symmetrically on the wall.


Next up was the attaching of new wall panels with adhesive glue (the old ones couldn’t be saved because that glue is really good once it hardens). Now also the wall lamps found their way onto the wall already and an additional power outlet for more symmetry to the light switch.


The doors for the cabinets do match now the panels as they are cut out from a single piece of  panel.


It’s kind of the same than with what I started with and yet it’s so much better, or is it…? The vanity unit also got it’s little brother on the other side of the room. Here a heavy duty sink completes the bathroom furniture for all those rubber boots and bucket filling actions in the villa.


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