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Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

May 14, 2013

Last Christmas the Other Half gave me a whistling tea pot, but that was not all! In addition I received 3 coffee pots – 2 old ones (one confirmed to be from 1972 and the other one, I suspect, even older) plus a brand new Opa one, which even works on the induction stove. Then last month my Mom gave me the old copper pot that was originally her Mother’s.

The plan has been all along that these coffee pots will go in the Villa kitchen on a shelf above the window. It has been a plan, but now they are there!

Coffee potsIf you count you notice there’s actually one more – a total of 5! The perfect number for this particular shelf.

Actually I first had 4 there, but that seemed too little but the red one in the middle was then brought in to save the day. That particular one is an enamel coffee pot that I and the Other Half bought in Prague already back in 2006.

I’m really pleased with the look of “the coffee pot shelf”, even if I do say myself.

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