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I got framed

May 1, 2013

Some things just look better when they are framed. Don’t they? While attaching lists isn’t anything I really enjoy the result is absolutely enjoyable. Always.

Let’s take the example of the bathroom ceiling. The ceiling boards cover the 6th and last surface of that rectangular. But things don’t look really right yet. This is the “before”:


Let’s compare with the lists attached:


Much better already, isn’t it? And then there is the “funny” story around the ceiling boards. I attached the ceiling boards about a week ago. I placed the halogen lights in the ceiling according to two patterns: one shaping a square in front of the vanity unit, the other one a triangle around the shower corner (go figure how that works with a total of 6 lights). Great concept except that it looks stupid!


So, I pulled out about three quarters of the ceiling board again and attached the lights in two simple rows of three lights. I should have gone with the simple version from the beginning. Cost of redoing was about 3 hours work.

But that doesn’t change the basic fact: doing lists is painful but rewarding:


And the best news of today: these where the last ceiling, window, and door lists of the entire Villa Linnea!

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