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A Little Bit of Bling

April 29, 2013

Recently I was going through my Mother’s kitchen cabinets (with her permission, naturally) looking for items that she no longer needed but what I could use, mainly at the Villa now that we have a full kitchen there. I was quite lucky, collecting a nice pile of baking tins, pots and so one. Thanks Mom!

But two items were definitely in a class of their own. My Mother had an old copper coffee pot and pot that have originally been her mother’s. This means they are between 80-90 years old, from the 1920s. I was quite excited about this find as for last Christmas the Other Half gave me a collection of old and new coffee pots. This copper coffee pot would be the shining star of this collection, and the copper pot a perfect showpiece to put nice flowers in (or to be used for other decorative purposes).

Coffee pot_before

However I was a bit hesitant of what sort of miracles I would need to be capable of to make this baby shine again.

So the two pots waited patiently for a number of weeks at home while I gathered up my courage. Finally I ran out of excuses and had to take the bull by the horns. Sunday night I set about my task.

My original plan was to use toothpaste for polishing the tarnished pot (as I’d read somewhere that this would be a good option) but when rooting through our cleaning closet I came upon a bottle of copper polish. I think we originally bought it at home for polishing some parts of our fireplace.

So armed with a small pile of rags and the polish I got to work. It was amazing! I could immediately see the results! The coffee pot looks just amazing! And also the pot. It only took about 45 minutes of rubbing an polishing at the pots looks really great! See for yourself!

Coffee pot_after

Can’t wait to get this baby to the Villa and put it in it’s place with the other coffee pots. And find a place for the copper pot (sorry, no picture, you would probably be blinded by the shine…)


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