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Greetings from the Underworld

April 25, 2013

Underworld? Is that even a word? Well, I’m too lazy too google it. Mostly I write about the things one can se. But there is naturally also that dark side of life…

One of the them is crawl space under the villa. There is a 60 cm crawl space under the villa allowing to check the plumbing or pull cables (that you forgot). There is a 600 by 500 mm opening in the foundation to crawl into the space. So far, only a board of styrofoam has preventing diverse unwanted inhabitants (mice and other fellows) to get in there and sublet that space. I finally hammered together a simple permanent solution and put in place (it took me a whooping 20 minutes to make and 10 minutes to attach).


Because it’s now a bit more effort to get into the crawl space (yes, removing 6 screws is really tricky!) I checked the slope on the drainage pipes once more and took a couple of photos. And no, it’s not a pretty few what the plumbers have left behind:


This is the view AFTER I have removed all kinds of random crap such as coffee mugs, etc left behind. If this would have been done by famous artist that it would be considered as packaging art but since it wasn’t, well…  I still could clean up more but since I’m no bat and I don’t like dark, humid caves and left that task for another time.

Another piece of the underworld is the the hole of the deep water well. The well is about 104 meters deep and the pump is hanging at about 40 meters depth. When we did the digging to pull the electricity cable and the water pipe for the villa we also had put some concrete rings around the well to a depth where the ground should freeze during winter.


These concrete rings run full of water in the spring. When the snow melts and the water runs down the hill towards the lake, then the ground water level rises to such a point that the concrete rings run full of water (about 1.5 meter high last spring). The water runs from below the concrete rings. We will this year connects the pipe from the pump (now shown here, on top of the iron pipe) with the pipe towards the villa (the little one coming in from the side at the bottom) this spring. And since I don’t want to iron pipe to corrode completely away I had to do something about the incoming water.

I put about 5 cm of concrete on the bottom of the concrete rings. That should stop the water from running in (as I don’t assume it has much pressure). The challenge is now how to level the concrete on the bottom two meters below? I didn’t want to build a special ladder that attaches to the concrete rings at the top. So, I decided to do a little acrobatic act. After roughly spreading to concrete while standing in it I made myself hover over the concrete. Well, not exactly. Essentially, I pushed myself in horizontal position with the feed on one side and the back on the other having my arms free to level the concrete. The getting out was still a bit more difficult but there was the iron pipe to pull myself up from. For a pro-climber this would be peanuts. I’m quite proud of my little exercise.


This is how it looks like. So far, the thing seems to be fairly water tight. There is some water in there at the bottom but I hope it rain water… (and as we know hope is the last thing to die before proven otherwise). Last year at the same time there was over a 1 meter high water in there.

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