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Nothing is as constant as change

April 7, 2013

Good plans are those that are subject to change. Do I need to write down more wisdom to explain my mistakes? Well, maybe not. Things change and that’s how any larger project is a alive.

The most recent change concerns a the fancy plan to have a recessed space in the shower corner to place shower gels conveniently. It was indeed a great idea. And it took me several hours to build the frame for it on the right hand side of the shower corner (see below).


But when I started to attach the tiles, the whole idea kind of collapsed. There were just too much things wrong with it.

Firstly, it wasn’t in the center of the wall because I changed my mind to make the diagonal side not 50 cm wide but only approximately 40 cm.

Secondly, with only one recessed niche the shower corner wasn’t symmetric anymore (which for people that build two symmetrical towers kind of matters somehow).

Thirdly, it was considered as not deep enough with only 7 cm (according to the better half).

Then it ended up not to fit nicely between the 30 cm wide tiles.

And last but not least I forgot to buy the tile edges which wouldn’t have been needed for a nice finish.

So, I killed the whole idea, closed it off, added a new layer of a waterproof membrane, and put tiles over it. It’s pretty hard now to figure out was once planned.


Such is life.

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