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It’s not easy being green…

March 10, 2013

…says Kermit, the Frog. It’s strange what the chemist were thinking when they invented the water-resistant membrane. It’s not exactly green either, more something of an green-blue, petrol explosion…


But let’s go chronological: First I had to solve a challenge around the areas where all the pipes come out of the concrete. According to the plumbing plan, this area has to be elevated by 5 cm. Beats me why. And why five centimeter? After 1 cm of water standing on the floor it starts running outside of the door. I didn’t remember this part in the drawings but the plumbers reminded me politely. Well, sometimes it’s better not to ask too much questions and just get the job done. This is how the area looked before the additional concrete job.


And this is how it looks afterward. It’s there now.


Meanwhile the plumbers have visited and I could start attaching the water outlets in the walls. After which I sealed off all possible (and a couple of impossible) seems between the floor and the wall with silicon. A single tube going into that exercise easily without anything being really visible.


Next up was the application of the water resistant membrane. I’m using the Finnish Kiilto brand. The procedure starts with first putting support supportive tape in the corners and around the outlets.


Then some 2 hours of waiting and a coat of membrane onto the whole wall and the floor. And then another one layer for good measure. Once it is dry, in theory the whole bathroom should be water tight. And the world has turned green!

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