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Squares are for loosers

March 4, 2013

Shower corners are typically square-shaped. But people that build two towers for no good reason might as well go for a slightly less common solution. We’ll go for diagonal placement in the corner.

We have to hide the the ventilation pipe for the drainage pipes in the corner and it was too convenient to make a challenge a thing. Hence, I spent some time to insulate the walls facing outwards and then preparing the 6mm stone walls in the shower corner. The outlets for the pipes are still missing but the plumbers have to first attach the outlets before I can attach them to the wall.


The floor also got their first and second treatment: the rough concrete got a layer of fine concrete that evens out the surface and I also applied already the primer for the water-resistant membrane. The fine concrete worked out better than I thought. But naturally there was some learning curve involved. The first mix of concrete hardened out it the bucket within 15 minutes (probably because I used too little water) and hence the bucket is now history.


When the plumbers inspected the work to be done, they also noticed that some 5 cm high concrete elevation is missing around the area where the pipes come out the floor in the corner. Well, that’s for next time as I didn’t have any concrete for that purpose with me. But things are moving forward, slowly, but surely. And what is more rewarding than enjoying the view of the Villa Linnea in the winter knowing that next Xmas one can probably spent at the countryside…


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