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Whistle while you work…

February 19, 2013

A few weeks ago we made a weekend get-away to the cottage, as a whole family.

This was the first time we spent the night there in the winter with the kids. I must say things went much better than I anticipated. The weather was perfect for being outside and there was plenty of interesting stuff inside as well, as the kids enjoyed a reunion with toys they haven’t played with since September. Also the road down to our yard is quite steep, so it was perfect for sledding! I have to say on some rides I was probably more scared that the 3 year old!

I was at my favorite hobby of organizing, which was mainly limited to organizing the kitchen. Adding a few additional shelves to the closets, moving some glasses from place A to B. Exploring what all do we already have in the kitchen – I must say a lot of stuff. But in between there needs to be a break and a cup of tea. Finally I used the beauty I received as a Christmas present from the Other Half – a whistling tea kettle! I’ve always wanted one and now I have one. It’s mine, mine, mine! Just look at how pretty it is:

Water pot

The Other Half was also busy with lots of other building projects during the weekend, but he did also install the lamps to the kids’ rooms. Remember how I earlier bragged about my good find? Anyways, the lamps look great and give good light. I’m very happy with the choice (not that I had any doubts in the first place…).

Lamp on

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