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Book Nook – Take 2

February 10, 2013

While the winter in Finland isn’t anywhere near to be over, the works on the Villa have been officially reopened again. It’s the lovely little project of building a book nook that progressed to mid point this weekend.

I assembled the 2 book shelves already in the garage at home. The book shelves are essential nothing else than a bunch of pine boards, few screws, and two coats of paint with Tikkurila Furniture paint.

The fine log wall depicted below facing towards the river was the place for the book nook.


I started my adding a little bit of insulation behind the book shelves. Not that it would be mandatory. But because three of the walls of the tower rooms are exposed to the outside, the space behind the book shelves is a perfect place to hide some additional insulation to keep the book nook cozy.


Next up in the project schedule was carrying the two bookshelves from the trailer up to the tower. This is when the master plan failed miserably. I thought of carrying the 75 cm wide bookshelves up the stairs to the second floor. But there was no way it agreed to squeeze itself through an 80 cm wide stairs around the corner. The alternative approach was more brutal in nature and much more time consumer. I removed the banister on the 2nd floor balcony towards the 2 story high living room. We then pushed each book shelf from the first floor onto the second floor in some seriously stupid lifting exercise. Well, we got them where we wanted them, but next time I would only put them together at their final destination.


The finishing touches with floor lists and crown moldings give the whole book shelves their final look. The crown moldings are from a workshop specialized in lists and moldings (Helsingin erikoishöylays) which I can only warmly recommend. So, now I’m half way there to my book nook. Now I need to build the bench under the window, but that’s for another time. And then, I will only assemble it in the tower room…



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