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Organizing the Kitchen

January 16, 2013

This post has been pending for a long time due to, well there’s no excuse, just general laziness… In late November the Other Half and I did a weekend trip to the cottage, just the two of us. You would think that’s all nice and romantic for someone with two small kids, but you know us… We’re a couple of work-a-holics in our spare time, especially while the Villa is still work in progress. Yes, we did have some nice downtime and a nice, quiet sauna on a Saturday night, but otherwise we were quite the busy bees.

My main task for the weekend was the kitchen – filling all those quiet, lonely cabinets. I must say there was enough stuff with me, I think there was 6-8 cardboard boxes full of items from home – some from our home kitchen but most specifically bought for the Villa. On top of that there was of course the Guest Cottage kitchen – most of the items from there moved to the Villa. Surprisingly we did have other items that went there, so now the Guest Cottage is quite well equipped for those visitors who would like to cook themselves (don’t no who that would be, but just in case…).

On of the items we brought with us on the same weekend was the dishcabinet for the dining corner. It is really a beauty! Full wood with nice trimmings at the top. You can’t see from the picture below, but it’s also already fully stocked with coffee cups, jugs, wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc.


In the kitchen slowly but surely I managed to fill the cabinets with all of the items I brought with me. I have to say our kitchen is quite well stocked in terms of dished. Only thing I’m waiting for is running water in order to start using them! I’m such a lazy dishwasher that I’d rather use disposable dishes instead of washing everything by hand during the summer.

I managed also to put some of my nicer items on display. I’ve started collecting/picking up some nice tin containers when I come across them – at a reasonable price. And by coincidence I have the perfect place to display them – that nice shelf in the corner behind the stove! This particular set on display I bought online at Next.


Well this is the first attempt at filling the kitchen cabinets. I’m sure during the cottage season I’ll be moving the things around to find the perfect and most practical spot for everything.

This time I’ll leave you off with a nice “mood” shot of one of the beautiful lanterns we bought over a year ago – there are two of these on the Villa’s front terrace welcoming you on a dark fall or winter night.


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