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2013 – The Master Plan

January 6, 2013

Swearing at tiles sliding down the wall and sweating in the sun planting bushes. Who wouldn’t look forward to such a 2013?

Every year comes with a little plan, naturally! What kind of German would I be if there is no plan? And even if I don’t stick to it, it’s nice to follow the progress which sometimes is a bit hard to see. The big topics for this year are: The Bath and The Landscaping.

During the spring of this year, the land moving equipment will move in again for a week or so. Soil will fly, stones will drop, and gravel will be flattened. Most important isn’t necessarily the looks but the functional part of the work. The cottage needs to have a 1500 liter tank for stuff from the toilet and a 13m drainage field that will clean the grey water. And that means digging, various levels of gravel, piping, sand and soil. You don’t get a building permit in Finland if you don’t have your own little cleaning plant. That drainage field will be build downhill from the villa towards the lake. But first the snow has to melt. It’s going to be May, at least.


And since the heavy equipment is already around, we will do all the other landscaping as well in front and around the villa. The front of the villa should get some kind of roundabout if that works out. We’ll see. Around the terrace and the foundation will come pebble stones. Otherwise there is plenty of soil to be spread, grass to be planted, and low growing bushes to be planted. That should be enough work for one summer I guess.

The second big project is the bathroom. I haven’t made a design drawing I could share, but the bathroom needs to host both the shower, the toilet, and the warm-water tank. And before I can get really started the plumper has to come and set up the fixtures for the pipes. And then there is plenty of tiling, joint filing, and other works involved in this mega project. Well, latest next Xmas I would like to use the bathroom. It’s the missing piece in the villa services department before it can really be used comfortably in the winter. Nobody wants to freeze of their behind in minus degrees Celsius.

The rough task list looks like this:

TASK Estimated work effort [days]
build wall insulation 1.0
attach dry walls 1.0
attach plumbing 0.0
apply water-resistant layer 1.0
attach wall tiles 1.0
apply joint filler to wall tiles 1.0
lay floor tiles 1.0
Apply joint filler to floor tiles 0.5
pull electricity cables 0.5
ceiling boards 1.0
attach bathroom appliances 1.0
attach wall panels 1.0
attach lists, silicon 0.5
build shower glass wall 1.0
build bathroom furniture 2.0
pull electricity cable to bathroom 1.0
Install door to crawl space 0.5
Build book shelf in tower room 2.0
Build window bench in tower room 1.0
Build terrace stairs framework 1.0
Attach stairs boards 1.0
Attach terrace railing 1.0
Seed grass in second level 1.0
Seed grass in front of villa 1.0
Attach cover stones in front of foundation 1.0
Place pebble stones around foundation 2.0
Attach cover rims around terrace 3.0
Plant bushes around terrace stairs 2.0
Build stairs down to sauna 3.0
Prepare ventilation room for ventilation machine 0.5
Attach ceiling boards to ventilation room 1.0
TOTAL 35.5
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