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100 packages and 5000 nails

November 27, 2012

The last ceiling boards have been attached! At least, that’s what I’m thinking until I look at the bathroom next year. Well, let’s say: all white ceiling boards have been attached.

I’m using 14×120 ceiling boards which are readily painted (to be precise waxed or lacquered) from UPM. I never ever dreamed even about painting them myself.

I’m counting  some 157 m2 of ceiling space. With 1.56m2 in each package of 6 panels that should equal some 100 packages (I’m not cheating here to come to a round 100!). Each panel is 2.37 m long. And according to Konrad Zuse that should be a proud 1422 meters of panels if one would lay them one after the other. And considering there is a at least one nail (frequently I used two) every 40 cm that would equal some 5.000 nails. Hallelujah!

The biggest ceiling structure is naturally the open living room including the balcony on the second floor featured in the photo above. Also featured above are the two lamps which I ordered from an online shop in the UK. The lamps are create a very nice light in the balcony and an even nicer light structure on the ceiling above.

These lamps work nicely according to European standards with one challenge. The holes for the lamp holder to be attached to the distribution box in the ceiling do not match the Finnish dimensions. Hence, I had to drill additional holes to make it work, but that was easily done at home in my little garage workshop.

My pride is still the ceiling lamp I build hanging over the open living room space. It lights up the whole space underneath and it’s certainly one of a kind.

White ceiling panels are also in the master bed room, the hallway, the kitchen, and the two bedrooms on the second floor. The ceiling boards in the second tower room were the last ones to be attached. I knew that this part of building Villa Linnea was a lot of effort. After one and a half year all rooms except the bathroom have now the main 6 surfaces complete.

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