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Power to The People

November 19, 2012

The electricity guy stopped by. He has been visiting us already twice for our 5 year project and a lot has happened since last year.

The amount of cables around the fuse cabinet has grown immensely. Now wonder because the villa is heated with electricity during our absence. And finally also the remote control unit has been taken into use. Now we can change the temperature in the villa remotely, switch on the outside lights, and get all kind of funky alarms from power outage alarm and temperature-based alarms and also burglar alarms. We can also can check remotely the temperature inside of the villa and outside. A back-up power unit supplies the remote control unit when the power is disconnected from the grid. The programming of the remote control unit took a little bit time as it has to be done via simple text messages from the mobile phone, but then again it’s a simple input method that works pretty much from any simple phone, now and in 10 years time.

Now we have got power in the kitchen and theoretically we could bake some breakfast buns in the oven or keep our drinks cool in the fridge. More useful for the builder however is the microwave as one doesn’t have to walk up to the guest cottage anymore to heat a meal. Also the lights above the tabletops give the kitchen a warm feeling.

The staircase and hallway lights also come in very handy in the future. I’m rather pleased with my choice of halogen lights above the stairs but I’m not so happy with the integrated LEDs in the staircase. They just are too bright and have a cold blue color. I wish I would have specified this a bit more precise to the stair manufacturer. Gotta look for warmer LEDs now.

This weekend was also special as I had for the first time my little helper with me: my almost six years old son who starts to be useful as helping hand here and there. Well, at least as long the patience holds.

The outside lights around the towers (all 6 of the floodlights) brighten up the whole piece of land. Being switched on by the burglar alarm tells the neighbors that something is not quite right (and makes sure that the friendly burglar doesn’t trip on his way out). Otherwise those floor lights finally make it much nicer during the darker half of the year to go out to the lighthouse, walk to the sauna or fetch some firewood.

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