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How much is a kitchen?

November 10, 2012

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Are you going to build a new home and dream of finally buying your dream kitchen? Thinking about how much you would need to budget in Finland?

We decided from the start that we want our dream kitchen for Villa Linnea. We wanted it all: massive wooden doors, as much drawers as possible with soft-stop mechanism, glass vitrine wall cabinets, integrated dish washer, microwave and fridge, 90 cm stainless steel kitchen fan, porcelain sink, large crown molding, you name it!

We were willing to spend 15.000 Euro. And that is not much money by any standard. You can easily spend twice the money for your dream kitchen or three times that much if you feel rich. Naturally, you can go the budget style as well and spend 5000 Euros for a value-for-money solution at IKEA. So, how much Villa Linnea’s kitchen below cost?

Below is comparison between Puustelli, Keittiömaailma, and our kitchen. But before you look at the figures let me make a few remarks. The kitchen offered from Puustelli does only include massive wood doors made out of pine and not birch which we have. The Keittiömaailma kitchen has only MDF kitchen doors nor a crown molding, so the prices offered by two of the larger Finnish kitchen suppliers are way lower than they would have been with massive birch doors. I have added also an equal cost for the electrician, plumbing, and tabletoplamps to make the comparison complete. The IKEA cabinets were naturally not pre-assembled. And the Puustelli and Keittiömaailma offers included massive stone table tops while our kitchen includes massive wood tabletops. We didn’t ask Keittiömaailma for an offer of the appliances and, therefore, I simply copied the offer from Puustelli for the comparison. We did make use of the buy-three-appliances-at-once-and-get 150-Euro-discount-campaign at IKEA (going twice for six appliances making it a 300 Euro discount).

   Puustelli Keittiömaailma      Actual
Kitchen cabinets     6750      4897        2941
Appliances     2610      2610        2700
Tabletops     2390      2540          600
Porcelain sink      866       598          149
Tabletoplamps      340       340          340
Watertap      205       205           99
Electricity work      300       300          300
Plumbing work      300       300          300
TOTAL 13761 11790       7429

This comparison is naturally only indicative. But it shows that you got choices. With two weekends spent for the assembly of the kitchen and buying the kitchen parts there were we got the best deal (and the best service) we ended up spending about half of what we were willing to spent. And yet we are super-happy with the unique, cottage-style result.

One day we need to post a photo of the styled version of the kitchen when the interior design assistant has been active, but for now I’m waiting for power and water…

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  1. November 12, 2012 9:49 pm

    Hi, Nice to read about your kitchen and price and I am very nicely suprised about your ingenious solution for large crown moldings. That is a good idea for us too 🙂 maybe as next challenge. I also just made a post about our kitchen, we had a quite a lot lot of similairities with your solution in terms of materials and quality. Our post is at

  2. iheartorganizing permalink
    September 9, 2014 5:06 pm

    Your kitchen is beautiful and looks so custom! I really love the finishes you selected! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

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