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Thank You, Bauhaus!

November 5, 2012

Who doesn’t want to go shopping at Bauhaus? Seriously, it’s the dream of every German builder coming true. It’s not cheap, at least usually it isn’t. But the selection is just great. Much wider and certainly different than in all other Finnish home depot markets which have the same selection as they belong all to the same two large wholesale groups. Well, I’m already way off topic…

If there is one great thing about Bauhaus then it’s the cutting service. You buy any sheet of wood or a tabletop and they cut it to size on your behalf. Villa Linnea’s kitchen needed tabletops. First we considered tabletops made of natural stone. Then we looked at composite materials which are almost as durable as stone but don’t quite cost such a fortune that you need to call your bank first. But we decided anyway for a tabletop out of massive wood. The warmth and softness of the material just fits too perfectly to a cottagy design.

Among the cheaper tabletop sources is again IKEA, but even the Swedish furniture mafia is not able to beat the volumes and the service around tabletops that Bauhaus can offer. We chose from a wide selection of massive table tops a 30mm thick ash tree board which is very durable, has only a subtle pattern, and can be stained to pretty much to anything you want due to its light color.

For a second I thought about cutting the tabletops myself. I did that for our kitchen at home. When I cut that tabletop few years ago my circular saw went up in smoke under the heavy work load (no, it wasn’t anything expensive and I got a replacement piece free of charge on warranty terms) and that’s why I didn’t do it myself as Bauhaus offers the cutting service. For simple cuts they do it right away while you wait. But our tabletops are not exactly simple due to the stove in the corner and the porcelain sink in the middle. The six pieces making up the kitchen look like this:

After two weeks time (which was the promised time for them to be ready), I picked them up and put them among the left over pieces into my car. Already then I had a weird feeling that something might be wrong. So I put the corner piece together which I suspected to be somehow different than I remembered.

Somehow that corner didn’t seem to add up. Slightly disappointed I went back the following day to Bauhaus. By placing the three pieces on the floor in the cutting service like I did in my garage I showed my dilemma. The Bauhaus guy ( a superfriendly Estonian) didn’t make any fuzz. He grabbed an new piece of ash wood and cut the corner pieces once more. The result looked already much more than I anticipated.

So, now I got into real action: First I cut the hole for the stove and then I stained all table tops twice with Osmo Color Cognac. To give it a bit more glossy look I oiled it still once more.

The result could then be assembled in the kitchen of Villa Linnea. In addition, I also attached the kitchen fan above the stove. Now I’m waiting for the electrician to connect all the appliances. But wait! What would a good story be without a final twist…(read more after the photo)

Believe it or not! As it turns out, the friendly Estonian at Bauhaus didn’t get it wrong. No, he did not cut according to my drawings. But even thought beyond my actual drawings. The missing corners that he left out in the first cut are actually hidden by the elevated corner shelf. Already the first version of tabletops would have been perfectly fine. He actually figured out a better way to cut the tabletops than I had specified (using less material). And even so, he went to cut the tabletops once more on my request according to the drawings without debate. So, thank you, Bauhaus!

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