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Don’t do this at home…

September 23, 2012

Another mega project is waiting… the kitchen. After an seemingly endless amount of designing, redesigning, and redesigning again, it appears we do have a general idea of what kind of kitchen we want. The basics such as the frames, the doors, and appliances are coming from good old IKEA. The whitewash, massive birch doors are perfect and impossible to be beaten by the competition in regards to price. Initially, we didn’t want to buy the kitchen appliances from IKEA. In previous days, the IKEA appliances had some ridiculous IKEA Whirlpool branding but that is gone nowadays. So, the way was free to make use of their buy-three-appliances and save 150 Euro deal.

The crown moldings will come from a specialty carpenter and the cover panels and lists will be self-made from birch boards or birch sheets. The whole thing should look like something this…

On Friday afternoon, the soon-to-be kitchen looked like this…

After this weekend, it looks like this.

Can you spot the four changes comparing the before and after photos from this weekend?

1) the diagonal wall build which will hold the kitchen fan

2) lists around window attached

3) lists on the ceiling attached

4) …now it gets already a bit more tricky… and you probably didn’t notice because only an insane person would do that something like this: the fake wall for more insulation on the right hand side is now 12 cm longer!

So, why would one do something like this? Well, we figured out that we could have instead of 60+40 cm cabinets 80+40cm cabinets! A why is that better (besides the additional space)? Because the doors are then of the same width. Holy symmetry! The price for this “benefit” was de-assembling the wall for 4 hours and then assembling it again for another 4 hours, now a little bit longer.

That’s why: DON*T DO THIS AT HOME!

The other entertainment this weekend included the paneling of the ventilation room in the balcony.

And finally, a bit progress on the second tower room by painting the the walls and attaching the lists around the windows.

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