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1000 and 1 panels

September 18, 2012

If there was one mega-task in this year’s to-do list then it was the completion of the ceiling in the living room and the balcony. And finally, yes, proudly presenting…it’s done. Huuh!

The ceiling lamps and the smoke detector are still missing but they will come only later when we call in the electrician again.

As another “fun project” during the last weekend, I started to build the floor in the last and final room. I’m so used in laying the aluminum foil and gluing the floor heating cables that the thing nowadays takes me only half a day. I remember the good old days (spring 2011) when the same thing cost me twice the amount of time. Well, as we Germans say: Übung macht den Meister (freely translated: practice builds mastery).

But the true fun project was the assembly of our rustic clothing cabinet (or do they call it armoir?). It’s not quite an IKEA cabinet and therefore it took me some 3 hours before I’m satisfied with how smooth the doors open and close. Before even getting to the final assembly, it took me many evenings to paint it upside down, add a few shelves and the mirror inside of one of the doors, but nothing is more satisfying than to see the cabinet in its natural habitat.

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