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The Bermuda triangle

August 16, 2012

This weekend I had to pass my personal Bermuda triangle, not once, but twice.

My Bermuda triangle is the little black triangle you can see from the photo below.

The Bermuda triangle appears magically in the place where three surfaces in the ceiling of the living room meet up. And it’s virtually impossible to create a neat way that the ceiling boards meet up in this corner, at least with reasonable effort and common tools. The ceiling is meeting up in that triangle. This might be a piece of cake if your geometry skills are up to speed. But the days that my geometry skills were – let just say – fine are long over and I’m looking forward with concern when my older child will ask me questions about geometry for school homework. And I used to be able to do calculus and integrals with ease during my engineering studies.

I spent about 8 hours for attaching the pre-painted UPM ceiling boards, but I spent another 3 hours just to fumble around the bloody Bermuda triangle. And because that was so much fun, I did it twice as I wasn’t please on how the first version looked like. But after a day and a half I was pretty much there where I wanted to be. With exception of the list that part of the living room and the balcony looks now much brighter.

And since there was some time left during last weekend I also began building the storage room on the balcony under the sloped roof. This storage room will also host the ventilation machinery.

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