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What goes up…

August 8, 2012

On this weekend one of the biggest screw-ups of my building work could be witnessed. What happened? What went first up and then came crashing down?

I planned to finish the floor in the balcony on the second floor. Before I could complete screwing in the floor boards I had to fill in the insulation above the bathroom. And even that I don’t want to work on the bathroom until next year and use it only as storage I had to build the lower ceiling now. Otherwise there I wouldn’t be able to get the insulation material into the ceiling without the machine (that I don’t want to drag here for this tiny task).

First I build the construction that lowers the ceiling of the bathroom by 15 cm and allows to ventilation pipes to run between floor beams and the ceiling. That was a piece of cake and done within one hour.

Next up was installing the ventilation for the bathroom and pull the electricity cables for the lights in the bathroom. Another half an hour and also that was done.

The next step is the one that led to the crucial failure. Like always I attach the moisture-resistant plastic foil with a load of staples, which I did also in this case.

But now comes the exception to the usual procedure. And I don’t know which devil I rode to come up with this plan. For some reason I assumed that the foil attached like this would hold the weight of the insulation material. So, there I was up on the second floor pouring in sacks of insulation material from above. And with sack number 5, the whole setup fails and some 100 kg of insulation material crashes down into the bathroom. And from there the dust of the insulation material takes off into the neighboring hallway and the living room. I guess I looked pretty stupid looking at the floor beams and my insulation material 2.5 m lower.

I never took a photo of the mess. To embarrassing at the time. First, I drank a cup of coffee and after that… well,…, I picked up the large snow shovel and start shoveling the stuff into garbage sacks. Then I had to carry out all materials stored in bathroom, and hoover the place twice with an industrial hoover. After 3 hours I was ready to continue the work.

And, instead of doing the same things a second time and expecting another outcome (which would really define ultimate stupidity) I cut new boards and – like everywhere else I attached boards under the moisture-resistant foil. And surprise! The construction holds up easily the weight of the insulation material.

Finally, I was ready to attach the floor boards the following day. Now the balcony almost looks reasonably large for a reading/TV corner one day or for a guest bed when the guest cottage during winter is not heated.

Today’s lesson? What goes up, goes down, expect if you are serious about it.

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