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A new love affair

August 2, 2012

Yesterday, I started a new love affair. It’s kind of early days and we are only getting to know each other, but I can see in my dreams where this is going to. My new love affair for Villa Linnea comes in form of a rustic entryway cabinet.

We were on search for a entryway cabinet for quite a while. Subject to the search where some of the usual suspects in the Helsinki metropolitan: some specialty shops for massive wood furniture such as Juvi Production and some of the interior design shops such as Aada Sisustus reselling rustic furniture from foreign manufacturers.

I got lucky through a recommendation from a friend with Puupaja (English: Wood work shop). This specialty shop reselling rustic and antique-looking furniture promises a great bang for the buck i.e. value for your money. Their source of furniture is their partner furniture manufacturer in Latvia. They keep costs down by being located in a really low key (actually rather weird) location in a former swamp, transporting the furniture themselves from Latvia to Finland, and having essentially some really wicked warehouse in the same area. But it’s the product that counts. Like Juvi Production, who also buys their furniture from the Baltic states, you can buy your desired piece of furniture with and without paint job. The price difference is rather considerable as the paint is done both by Puupaja and Juvi Productions in Finland and heavy labor costs apply.

We needed a clothing cabinet for the entryway in the dimension of 150 to 180 cm and up to 230cm high. The best we could find from Juvi Productions (after an initial negotiation round) was a cabinet 150 cm wide and 210cm high for 1800 Euro without paint job. Puupaja’s list price for a cabinet of 180 cm width and 210 high is 1100 Euro. I guess I don’t need to mention that for under 1500 Euro none of the interior shops would even look at me for a finished product. For the price difference of 700 Euro between Juvi Productions I could have it even still painted by Puupaja. But since I want to real move closer and get to know my new love and have no spare cash lying around, the decision to go for Puupaja was a clear one. Nothing against Juvi Productions. I bought there already two night stands, but at this price difference and for real pine wood, it was easy to decide with whom to go steady.

The clothing cabinet I fell in love now is from Puupaja. It’s got three doors, the larger compartment for hanging cloths, the smaller one with 4 shelfs, and three drawers in the bottom. The photo is our cabinet in the warehouse before they assembled it for me.

Obviously, a massive clothing cabinet made out of massive pinewood has its decent weight. I was severely worried that lifting the cabinet onto the trailer would be another spine-breaking exercise. BUT! This clothing cabinet is actually smartly designed. The top and the bottom section are one piece (and these are the heaviest pieces that a normal men just and just can lift himself) and the rest a smartly assembled pieces that even allow for the wood to work/live in different humidity conditions. Really, really smart! The top and the bottom are attached with some massive screws which is not really the way they build furniture the old days. But you don’t see that from the outside and if you really want to be a pedant about it, you can actually leave them out. The thing stands on its own through gravity. Just don’t try to tilt it without the screws on…

So, the whole thing fits rather nicely onto the trailer. Actually, there would have been space still for another one…

Once at home, reassembling it (without putting in yet any screw) was done in 20 minutes. My garage isn’t high enough and for the paint job it’s anyway better to paint the individual parts. Below are the parts of the cabinet set up in my garage.

Now I have some light sanding work ahead of me and some serious painting work, but it should then look something like cabinet below (which is somebody else one also standing the warehouse of Puupaja.

And so begins a new love affair… we’ll see how long this one last until the shopping fever hits me again.

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