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Proudly presenting … the better side

July 28, 2012

The summer in Finland is peaking with temperatures above 25 degrees. The last days were finally such that I could finish the paint shop I didn’t complete last summer. Now all the covering boards around the roof have got the deserved white treatment.


Interior design assistant Jenni also styled the lake-side porch with the outdoor furniture. In front of the dining room (and kitchen) are 6 Reimann outdoor chairs which we bought last year in the autumn at the end of the garden furniture season. We got the best deal for the chairs at our local K-Rauta home depot store. Furniture shop Masku wanted 1200 Euro for chairs and the table at a super-special, ultimate-saver deal. We paid for 6 chairs at K-Rauta 500 Euro and bought only the table for 250 at Masku. Hence, our total was 750. Again, it’s worth to look around and not to believe big discount percentages, especially at Masku.

The deck chairs on the bed room side are from Biltema. While they are not quite the original thing, I can promise you that when your bud is sitting on them, they feel just the same!

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