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Playhouse: Part One

July 1, 2012

Every summer holiday one should enjoy the time off and should not stress about the usual things to do. So, for this summer break I decided not to continue building the Villa Linnea, but…instead do a little summer project of building a playhouse for my little princess.

The materials for the playhouse are left over from Villa Linnea. I had about 10 logs left over. Those were slightly damaged in that dramatic truck accident when the logs were delivered to the countryside (see February 2011 archive). Initially, Mammuttihirsi wanted to take them back to the factory as they delivered replacement logs for those bruised ones. But they left them ultimately for us. And they are perfect to build a playhouse.

The first thing I had do (besides making a plan how it should look like) is to cut from the left over logs into the approximate length for the playhouse. That wasn’t too much effort of swinging the good-old fur-moped (aka chainsaw). This little neat pile is the result.

Next up was our neighbor with his movable, massive saw that usually cut complete trees. He cut each log two times into slices of approximately 7 cm. I think that is more than enough and beats anything you can buy of the shelf. Within a week, he cut all those pre-cut logs – some 45 pieces – and made another neat pile. I will use the two outer slices. The middle slice will be most likely firewood if I don’t find another use for them.

And after half a day of work, a pile of bruised logs has turned into the raw material for the playhouse.

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