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May the prince arrive soon

June 27, 2012

The tower room for his highness is almost ready. Well, ready is relative in a world when we don’t use the villa yet really without final building inspection.

I spent two weekends on finishing one of the two tower rooms. The overall procedure wasn’t much different than in the other rooms downstairs. First, I had to install the floor heating and then attach the floor planks.

The only difference here is that I’m putting some sound-reduction foil underneath the floor planks. That’s supposed to reduce the noise a little bit when the prince is riding on this horse above the master bed room. But, after initial tests, I got to admit that it ain’t helping that much. Well, maybe it would be even worse without it. 15 Euro won’t kill me.

After the flooring comes the wall painting with Bloom Panel Wax.

Followed by the subsequent pulling of electricity cables under the ceiling…

With only the ceiling panels as last surface to be taken care of…

Adding the remaining lists to the windows, ceiling and floor completes the tower room. Voila (as we Germans say)!

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