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I’ve got the power

June 11, 2012

We have had electricity in the villa already since last summer. The electrician visits us always when another milestone of the building is completed.

In the photo below you can see the brain of our villa: the remote control unit Ensto ECO 601. This remote control manages pretty everything that is semi-automated: heating system, burglar alarm, ventilation mode, and water-supply valve. It also measures the outdoor and indoor temperature which we can read from our mobile phones.

The remote control unit allows us to lower the target temperature for each room by any degree we wish. If the target temperature on the thermostat (figured below) is for example 21 degrees then we can choose to drop it by 11 degrees to 10 degrees. And with a single SMS we can raise the target temperature in all rooms to the normal level, which is rather convenient as you can change the setting already at home before you are leaving to the cabin where it is nice and warm when you arrive.

Naturally, electricity is also urgent for all the lightning in the villa. At the moment, only the lights in the master bed room are connected, but as it is pretty light in summer in Finland the building project continues also without the other cables in the first floor being connected.

Also connected with power already are some of the smoke detectors which according to current building legislation need to connected to permanent supply (and not only battery powered) which adds some additional cabling requirement but once done, it makes life safer (I suppose).

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