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Interior designer assistants

June 4, 2012
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For those that are following excessively interior design TV shows, especially those in Finland such as Inno, have noticed that all the little things that don’t get too much attention are done by so-called interior design assistants. In Finland, you need to have a 200 years-lasting PhD. education to call yourself an interior designer. But pretty much anybody qualifies as interior design assistant. This weekend our interior design assistant Jenni finally got into action.

With the living room being in representable shape, and after an never ending amount of window cleaning, we put up the sofas we got from Asko. And since you shouldn’t buy anything at Asko at normal price we bought these two sofas and the footstool at some kind of offer. Interesting here is that we bought them in the metropolitan area but they were delivered directly from the factory in Lahti to our villa. A little good deed for the environment…

Another small project was related to filling up the wood storage besides the fireplace. Some 4 wheelbarrows full of firewood later the storage actually looks rather nice (even that we are still cheating as the tiles within the storage are still missing).

The dining corner also got some cleaning treatment and the dining chairs found also their place. The table is the result of another of my winter projects.

The legs are glued together from massive birch pieces and the top is bought from Ikea (initially designed as table top for kitchen islands). Unfortunately, the table suffered a bit during the winter. Due to the temperature and humidity change the table top is slightly curved but that adds a bit to the cottagey feeling. The 6 chairs from some Country series were quite a steal at Asko. Originally, they were supposed to cost some 159 Euro a piece. But since Asko phased them out their offering, we got the sample pieces in two different Asko outlets at some 70 Euros a piece. Not too shabby cost savings. A new layer of paint would make them look as good as new but that would be boring…


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