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Finetuning around fireplace

May 21, 2012

The love of my life: my pneumatic nail-gun. It came into good use again over the weekend.

20 x 208mm boards wanted to be attached besides the fireplace. And 14 x 120mm boards on the ceiling above the fireplace. The later piece of work would have been easier if nobody would have switched two packages of ceiling boards that have a white wax treatment instead of a white lacquer treatment in the local K-Rauta. Because it wasn’t one of the brighter days I didn’t notice the difference until I had attached 12 boards already. Only from distance the difference was easy to recognize.  After a short Scheisse-moment, the wrong stuff was quickly pulled off the ceiling with the crowbar and the right stuff attached. Cost of error: 1 hour and some unnecessary swearing.

But as usual I’m pleased with the result.

After adding the lists around the fireplace, cheating a bit with silicon in the corners, and filling the holes the nail-gun left with white plasterwork, the whole thing starts to be ready for a little celebration. More about that later.

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