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Pax 2.0

May 6, 2012

Ikea offers decent quality furniture for cost-conscious buyers. But sometime stuff is missing that “cottage” feeling and for sure the individual touch considering that about 1 billion other people have exactly the same piece of furniture.

The same is true for the Pax series of closets. They offer great value for money and plenty of flexibility when it comes to how design the inside of the closets. But yes, even with the sliding doors nowadays available, they do look rather boring. What we do the master bedroom of Villa Linnea is to buy the standard Pax closets and then customize them.

The sliding doors are a project of itself, but them I assembled already last summer. What I did now was to build a nice frame around the basic Pax closet that makes it look much more like part of the villa than a stand-alone closet. It took me an insane 6 hours as pretty much every piece had to be customized, but I’m not too ashamed of the result.

The next step of upgrading to the next major release of our Pax solution is to rebuild the sliding doors re-using the mechanism but replacing the MDF boards entirely with stained plywood and nice lists. The drawings are ready but I’m afraid that it will a project for next winter as they are more urgent things to do before I’m celebrating the launch of Pax 3.0.

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