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Miracles can happen!

April 22, 2012

Miracles do happen! Maybe not the kind where the blind can suddenly see again or the paralyzed start walking, but sometimes little miracles can take place. It was a little miracle when I arrived at Villa Linnea this weekend and one of the big projects scheduled for the summer, the building of the large terrace towards the lake, was done.

It’s like a group of Mainzelmännchen, a bunch of German little dwarfs (see also under had been out there and build the terrace magically overnight.

Now we can bring out the garden furniture and enjoy the sunset on the terrace assuming that it would be summer (and there wouldn’t be 15 cm of snow still hang around). And yes, miracles do happen. This one comes at the price of 38 Euro/hour but it was worth it! I only need to figure out how to building the railing and the stairs towards the lake. But that’s for another time.

I’ve been preparing the hallway for the tiling by spreading a layer of moisture resistant stuff onto the three layers of dry wall. It’s not quite the same than the thick plastic-like layer of moisture resistant film that one applies in the bathroom but it will surely help – together with the floor-heating – to keep the occasional water from the floor.

The other project of the weekend was the paneling of the ceiling in the dining and kitchen room i.e. another romantic date with my pneumatic nail-gun…

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