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Flow Festival

April 10, 2012

Well, actually the main work over Easter was rather related to “blowing” than “flowing” but I didn’t dare to have that word in the title of the blog post as it might attract the all-wrong crowd…

Anyway, we spent two days blowing the insulation material, the so-called Selluvilla, into the roof of the villa and into the floor of the second story. The material and the “blow machine” (whatever that one is called) where delivered on Thursday before Easter. I have to thank the driver still. I have never seen a driver taking so well care of the goods. He dropped them off nicely, carried some of them even onto the terrace and covered everything with a tarp we provided. Impressive! Never happened before. We need to send our good feedback to Suomen Ylijäämävarasto in Hämeenlinna where we ordered the stuff and where we lend the machine for free.

The pile in front of the villa might not look that impressive on the photo but we are talking about 130 sacks of 15 kg of insulation material (which essentially nothing else than treated, recycled newspaper and magazines). As mentioned earlier 1.8 tons of stuff.

The actually “blowing” into the confined spaces in the roof was faster yet messier than anticipated. While we did have protective suits, ear protection, and filter masks, proper goggles such as skiing masks would have been good to have. When you load the stuff into the machine, sack by sack, you essentially experience a complete whiteout due to the dust flying around. The machine crunches through a sack of insulation in about 3 minutes.

We were three people for this operation which is the perfect amount for this task. One carries and opens the sacks, one loads and operates the machine, and the last one blows the stuff into the roof.

During Friday (also the day of arriving) we did the open floors in the towers and the whole roof above the living room. On Saturday we did the roof in the towers (20 sacks each!) and compressed the insulation in the open spaces in the second floor.

The rest of the Easter break went into other tasks such as insulating, pulling the electricity cables and paneling the wall between bathroom and the hallway. With the door in place it looks so much more ready and soon one won’t need to worry about how the bathroom looks like for another year.

The damn door actually doesn’t close as the frame is too tight. Don’t buy doors at Byggmax. They might be cheap but you need to spend an extra hour every time to adjust the distance between the frame and the door.

Naturally, to Easter belongs also the mandatory Easter fire.

I’ll close for today with a last image from the villa in winter conditions…hopefully next time it’s spring.

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  1. April 10, 2012 6:44 pm

    The villa looks beautiful Peter.

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