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Blue Snake

April 1, 2012

Spending time with the invisible stuff is some of the less rewarding things in building a house. Installing the ventilation pipes and the electricity cables are some of the things that just needs to be done. Yesterday was again one of the days that I spent all day with this kind of infrastructure works that you won’t see ultimately.

Installing the blue snake i.e. the Vallox ventilation pipes for the rooms on the first floor was one of the big planning challenges. The main problem was where to put them. The best option (and the one that makes them least visible) was to run them within the floor beams. The floor beams however have not been dimensioned for this purpose (or that’s what I assume). Hence I decided to strengthen them at those places where I need to drill a 79 mm hole for the ventilation holes.

To strengthen a 42 mm floor beam with a 80 mm hole, it should be enough to attach a 10 mm board on both sides (both glued an screwed together to get maximum bondage). My trusted German nuclear power plant building engineer did the calculation for me as my skills are a bit out of practice to do those that I did last during my own engineering studies. And in the tradition of nuclear power plant building I used 20 mm boards at the strategic places instead of 10 mm ones. Too much can’t hurt here really.

Another thing I did was to drill the holes for the power sockets in the tower rooms in order to be able to pull the electricity cables before blowing in the insulation material. I almost got done with that task but then my faithful Bosch power drill decided to resign from its task. Gotta go to Bauhaus today to get it fixed or preferably replaced. The five year warranty on electrical appliances has proven to be worthwhile already earlier.

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