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Fake wall – in 4 steps

February 12, 2012

It never hurts to have a bit more insulation, right? Well, Mammuttihirsi had planned some additional 50 mm insulation in the kitchen on the outer walls.

Adding insulation to a log wall is pretty straight forward. And if it wouldn’t be so damn cold in the villa it might even be fun. But in -15 degrees, the only one that has a romantic place is the compressor in front of the fireplace (that refused to operate otherwise). Also 3 pairs of thick socks don’t really help. That reminds me, we should call the electrician to connect the floor heating!

The additional fake log wall is build from 48mm beams that are attached in such a way that the real logs can set behind them. Also good to remember additional beams for attaching the kitchen cabinets.

The second step (after pulling electricity cables) is fill in the insulation material. I chose 50 mm Isover mineral wool as it is the nicest to work with.

Next up is the moisture repellant foil which is relatively easy assuming that one does not run out of staples… (which happened to me yesterday).

And finally, one attaches the (preferably pre-painted fake log-like looking panels. The hidden nailing is kind of easy with the pneumatic gun once one gets the hang of it but there isn’t much tolerance to get the nails into the hidden places.

The first three panels aren’t painted because they will be covered by kitchen cabinets. Also missing are the lists around the window, but that’s for another time.

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