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If you can’t make it, fake it!

February 5, 2012

With minus 28 degree Celsius, it’s again a little bit too fresh (as my neighbor says) to head out to the villa and continue the build. But that doesn’t mean one couldn’t do anything. I have organized myself some homework last week.

In order to build those few interior walls in the villa, which aren’t made from massive logs, I have to cover them with wooden panels. And since I can’t make everything from massive logs, at least I can fake it. Hence, I was looking for wooden panels that have the shape of real logs and are as high as the logs in the villa. The later seem to be main challenge. While almost every better wood seller carries boards with log profile I haven’t found any that has them 220mm high in their warehouse. Several of them (Puukeskus and K-Rauta) have them in 170mm high, but that doesn’t work for me as my logs are 220 mm high (effective height 208mm). So, I had to order them. Stora Enso happens to have them in their product catalog.

I assumed that ordering from K-Rauta, my local home depot market, where I do get those 10% random discounts, would be the cheaper option, then ordering them online to be dropped off at my front door. But I was wrong. It’s 30 Euro cheaper to order them from and have them dropped off conveniently in front of my garage then having them delivered to the local K-Rauta where I would have still had to pick them up with the trailer.

The 150 meters I think I need for the kitchen and hallway walls set me back 520 Euro including about 80 Euro delivery cost. The material was dropped off nicely in front of my garage. Would have been nice of the driver to let me know that he’s been there but it looks like that he took the empty pallets as hint where to drop the material off.

My home work now is to cut them to measure and stain them with the white Bloom wax, which I ordered again from, which offers the 2.5 liters several Euros cheaper than any hardware store and delivers stuff over 75 Euros for free. The result looks a bit messy in my garage but who cares.

That reminds me: I need a bigger garage!

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