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Bathroom works on hold – for now

January 7, 2012

The last project of 2011 to be completed was the basics of the bathroom: the concrete floor and the walls around it. Now I also have photo evidence of the works.

The builders that worked the bathroom has done a good job as far as I can tell right now. Walls appear to be straight. Measures of the door appear to be correct and the slope of the concrete floor seems to be there where it should be. I haven’t checked the quality of the plumbing but it’s simply too cold to poor water in the pipes

There seems to be only three minor misses from the builder: The screws attaching the wall framing to log walls where missing, only some temporary nails holding it in place. But that was easily fixed. Also easy to fix was the small mishaps on the frame structure which needs to be able to set up to 5 cm when log frame settles over time. It’s hard for something to set when it hits a concrete block but by cutting few centimeters away, the whole thing is free to set.

The bathroom project is now parked for at least one year. I will continue with other projects during 2012.

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