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2012 – The Master Plan

January 1, 2012

What would the start of a new year for Villa Linnea be without some plan what to do? Boring, exactly, at least the German engineer in me.

So, what are the big milestones to meet? There actually only two: a) get the first floor in representable shape for my 40th birthday party in early June and b) get one of the tower rooms ready for the kids.

In order to have the first floor in decent shape for guests, I need to put some floor tiles in the hallway and close of the unfinished bathroom from the sight of the guest by paneling the wall around it and put a door in (out of sight, out of mind, right?!). For the floor in the hallway we have thought of a little treat for our villa. We didn’t want to just have a nice tiled floor for sake of convenience but also add something unique. That something “unique” is a compass rose made of Italian marmor:

We ordered the model above from German. We found the same one in Finland for 360 Euro at, but why in heaven should we pay 360 Euro if we can get away with paying 160 Euro including the shipment from Germany. We ordered it online from and shipment and service was prompt (naturally I do business in German with them but they do deliver also outside of Finland). Now we just need to find matching 30×30 or 30×60 tiles to tile the floor around the compass.

The other thing necessary to do is to add the ceiling panels to the dining and kitchen room. I also need to add a bit insulation behind the kitchen cabinets and pull the electricity cables. Naturally, it would be nice to have the kitchen installed as well at some point, but that has to wait for the fall. It’s going to look something like this:

Apologies for the lousy graphic above. I lost my patience with the Ikea kitchen planner to draw this illustration. The other kitchen vendors we have asked for initial plans asked for 500 Euro in order to get drawing which I’m not willing to pay at this point of time.

And then there is all the work to get at least one of the tower rooms into shape. And that pretty includes still everything: building the ceiling, painting the walls, pulling the electricity, installing the floor heating, attaching the floor boards, and lots of lists. This is a manageable effort if there wouldn’t be a minor challenge related to completing one tower room? What’s the point of having a tower room ready if you can’t even get there to look at it? Which means I have to build also the floor in the aula space on the second floor. And naturally, we need some stairs to get to the second floor. We will order the stairs with assembly. I hope it will look something like this:

This image is courtesy of Sunwood, which is one of the potential vendors. In our case, we will build a storage room under the stairs, but that can wait as well a day or two.

And then there is still the front terrace to be build in 2012. Well, I guess, it’s going to be busy again. The tasks are listed below (for those that love lists).

TASK Estimated work effort [days]
Install ventilation pipes and outlets 2.0
Build ceiling structure in tower rooms 1.0
Blow insulation wool in roof 2.0
Pull cabling second floor aula 1.0
Install floor heating in aula 1.0
Attach floor boards in first floor 1.0
Install floor heating in hallway 0.5
Lay floortiles in hallway 2.0
Pull electricity cables for staircase 0.5
Help installation of stairs 1.0
Install electricity cables and lamp in living room 0.5
Attach ceiling panels in kitchen/dining room 1.0
Pull electricity cables in kitchen 0.5
Insert insulation behind kitchen 0.5
Attach wood panels in kitchen 0.5
Pull electricity cables in kids room 0.5
Install floor heating in kids room floor 0.5
Install floorboards in kids room 1.0
Paint kids room walls 0.5
Attach lists (floor, window) in kids room 1.0
Attach ceiling panels in kids room 1.0
Adjust doorframe in kids room 0.5
Build additional pillars for terrace 1.0
Build terrace framework 2.0
Attach terrace boards 4.0
Paint ceiling boards under covered terrace 3.0
Paint covering boards around roof 1.0
Build triangle for kitchen fan 1
Assemble kitchen 1
Attach kitchen cabinets 2
Set up electric appliances 1
TOTAL 26.00
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  1. thp permalink
    January 2, 2012 12:52 pm

    Is that compass piece one single tile or can you rotate the circle piece before mounting it, so that the compass also points in the right direction? Would be cool to not only have a nice pattern but to also be a functional part of the house ūüėČ

  2. January 3, 2012 8:40 am

    The compass consist of small pieces that are glued onto a net. One can cut out the round part and turn it. But since the directions East (Ost), West, etc cannot be moved easily that makes little sense in this model. But one can buy also models with the directions. We turned the whole villa to face westwards, hence we don’t need any turning.

  3. January 9, 2012 3:07 pm

    I wish to know which kitchen planner you have used to design your kitchen.

  4. Jenni permalink*
    February 18, 2012 2:58 pm

    The picture in the blog post has been made with the Ikea kitchen planner program, which is available in the Ikea web pages.

    However for the actual design of what would work best we went to professionals. A place called Keitti√∂maailma did a wonderful design – after really listening to our requirements and what we’d like. Excellent ideas for the layout, somethings I would have never, ever thought of myself. Most likely once we actually get to the ordering phase we’ll go back to them and ask for an offer.

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