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First outdoor lights installed

December 18, 2011

I thought a little gift for you, my little villa: 8 outdoor lights to brighten your day in the dark winter!

Installing the lights was the last task for this year. I bought the lamps from K-Rauta. It’s amazing which price one can pay for these kind of lamps. You can pay anything between 35 Euro (Airam Kartano version) to 6.90 Euro (private label offer also in -Rauta). The main difference between the most expensive and the cheaper versions is the glass in the Airam version which has a bit fancier cut. Otherwise, they are all made from an aluminum housing. The difference between the 6.90 and the 11.90 Euro versions at Biltema to the Cello Solo version for 13.00 Euro are the quality of the molding work and the black screws (versus stainless steel screws). As the “fancy” glass of one of the Airam Kartano lamps we purchased two years ago for the sauna cottage already broke during winter, we decided to go for the Cello Solo version.

Installing the lamps was the last task for this year. During winter 2010/2011, I made a task list to have some idea how much work we get done during 2011. The list looked like this:

TASK Estimated work effort [days] Completed Actual
Agree on snow plowing x
Check foundation measures x
Cover foundation for winter x
Send electricity plan for hole drilling x
Snow removal for log delivery x
Send way description to factory x
Check site with assembly crew x
Receipt of cottage materials x
Order floor materials x
Mark electricity holes on first row x
Order insulation materials x
Request frame inspection x
Frame structure approved x
Cleaning up of site 1 x 1
Install grey water pipes 0.5 x 1
Install outside door lists 0.5 x 1.5
Install doors 2 x 1
Install floor underconstruction 2 x 3
Drill holes for electrity cabling 1 x 1
Install insulation first floor 2 x 2
Install electricity cables 2 x 2.5
Install aluminium paper 1 x 1
Install heating cables 3 x 1.5
Install floor boards first floor 4 x 3.5
Build ceiling construction bedroom 1 x 1
Attach ceiling panels bedroom 1.5 x 1.5
Paint walls bed room 1 x 0.5
Build ceiling construction dining corner 1 x 1
Paint walls dining corner 1 x 0.5
Install floor lists first floor 3 x 0.5
Fill polyurethanefoam in window frames 1 x 0.5
Paint cottage outside 10 x 11
Paint window lists outside 2 x 4
Build terrace framework 4 x 3
Install terrace boards 5 x 3
Paint walls living room 2 x 1
Install window lists inside 1 x 1
Install outside lamps 1 x 1

With the exception of the terrace work, which isn’t quite completed yet, everything is pretty much done. The terrace towards the lake is still missing. It’s the biggest of all and the better half requested half way through the summer to double the size. That work is then waiting until 2012.

Besides the planned tasks, some other tasks were already done ahead of schedule. For example, the moisture protection foil in the ceiling is already in place and the floor of the storage room on the second floor are already in place. Also the bathroom floor wasn’t in this year’s projects, but since its paid labor, I’m not counting it as our achievements.

Now there is plenty of time during the winter to plan what we are going to do next year. But for now, we wish you all a Merry Xmas.

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