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Fireplace and chimney ready and approved

November 26, 2011

We have the first smoke coming out our chimney! We got the fireplace and the chimney officially inspected and approved.

After the official approval of the local building inspector, it was time to light the first fire in fireplace of Villa Linnea. And how nicely the fire catches on…well, maybe not surprising considering that the chimney is some 6.5 meters high and stands about 8.5 meters above the ground. Even that I burned only some news paper, it was nice to to fill the room with some atmosphere.

The inspection was more thorough than I expected. Every detail of the fireplace and the chimney was inspected inlcuding all mandatory fire safety measures, but after 35 minutes we got the official A5 sheet of paper confirming the approval of the chimney inspection. Now we can slowly but surely start heating the fire place. It will take a while before the mortar is all dry and, therefore, we are first heating few times with just a 1kg of wood then some 2 kg of wood per day to ensure that the whole thing doesn’t crack before the show gets started. But for now we are happy villa owners with their own tailormade fireplace.

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  1. thp permalink
    November 26, 2011 9:30 pm

    Awesome title reference! 😉

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