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Let the sparks fly

November 20, 2011

Villa Linnea’s fireplace is tailor made according to our wishes. The width of the front is about 160 cm and, therefore, no off-the-shelf protective sheet metal (uunin eduspelti in Finnish) really works for us (even if it would have met the fire safety regulations). We ordered the part from Pelti- ja Rautatyö Salminen in Helsinki. The guys did a good job. The sheet metal was cut to our desired measure, the corners are nicely rounded and the color has been painted to be the same than the fireplace door i.e. graphite grey. The guys at Salminen provide a very nice customer service even that it the usual metal workshop. 160 Euros well invested.

I glued the sheet metal in front of the fireplace with heavy duty glue. The seem to the fireplace is done with some kind of silicone paste, but not the regular bathroom stuff but some special purpose paste that is designed for places where fire safety regulations apply. I’m quite happy with the result, even if it was the second attempt of getting an even seem. The first attempt went terribly wrong which ignited some serious swearing about.

We still can’t light the fireplace because we haven’t had the official chimney inspection yet and the thing below needs to be lifted onto the roof still.

The sheet metal around the chimney was delivered last Tuesday and was supposed to be installed by the Lahdentakka guys last Wednesday. But that didn’t happen as the builder was supposedly sick. The mentioned it would be installed on Sunday i.e. today, but luck with that one. It’s below zero degrees and I could imagine rather slippery on the steep roof.

Our trusted builder was busy again last week in the bathroom. Now most of the pre-work for pouring the concrete is done and the heating cable installed on the supporting iron.

I spent the rest of the day in cleaning after the builder removing left over insulation material, attaching some door handles, and pulling some electricity cables into the kitchen/dining room.

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  1. December 5, 2011 2:39 pm

    hi, that’s a prissy office. There is both mistakes but the primary is here.

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