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Vallox Blue Sky

October 30, 2011

As project Villa Linnea is slowly but surely slowing down due to coming winter season, I’m trying to seal off the open space in the middle of the villa. At the same time, I have to install those ventilation pipes that need to come under the water repellant foil. While the Vallox Blue Sky pipes are very easy to pull along the roof beams and through the logs (once the hole is drilled), attaching the ventilation outlets and the distribution boxes is not as easy as I ad hoped for. Neither the ventilation outlets not the distribution boxes come with any means of attaching them. Hence one has figure out some meaningful place to attach them and drill holes through the stainless steel which isn’t fun. Below is the picture with the first 4 pipes to the distribution box for the outgoing air and the incoming air.

The other thing that kept me busy for an hour is to correct the floor beam structure around the chimney. The floor beam behind the chimney is too close to chimney as the mandatory distance for fire safety is 10 cm. Now after the fireplace and the chimney were made last week, the space was only 4 cm. That the risk when the house planner doesn’t know what fireplace will be delivered.

We are actually quite happy that the chimney is as close to the pillar as possible as that space is anyway difficult to use, but the result was that the I had to set back the floor beam. The result looks like this.

Now I need to find still a place to attach the manufacturer’s label on the chimney and then we should be ready for the chimney inspection by the local building inspector.

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