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Floorworks and hole drilling

October 17, 2011

Sometimes you do a lot of stuff done and yet you don’t get the feeling of getting anything ready. This weekend was one of those.

I spent half of a day buying materials from the local Agrimarket, transporting to the cottage and lifting it inside of the villa. I must say that 13mm special strength drywall boards and 22mm wood-fiber boards are nothing one should handle alone, not to mention to lift the later to the second floor!

Meanwhile I continued building the sandwich floor in the hallway consisting of three layers of 13mm drywall. Cutting these pieces of drywall is relatively easy and quick to do. But since the floor heating cable needs to run in the middle layer of the sandwich, I had to cut some 12 slivers of 150mm of drywall which then again ain’t particular fun. Because it was too cold to poor the mortar in the gaps where the heating cable is running, I didn’t attach the third layer of drywall yet. Gotta finish this job when I can heat the place a bit (or it gets warmer which might take some time). After putting on some protective boards for the fireplace dudes to walk on the thing looks like this:

The other remainder of the time I spent drilling holes. I managed to drill precisely 2.5 holes in 4 hours! Amazing right?! Well, Villa Linnea is designed in such a way that the main structure will last hundred years and more. Not only did we have the complete second story built from massive logs (versus the typically offered light weight structure), we also have most of the inside walls made from massive logs. The fun stops when you need to drill a 80mm hole for the Vallox BlueSky ventilation pipes through 204 mm of logs. Takes forever and includes a continuous drill-chisel-drill tactic.

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