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Cables, cables, cables

October 9, 2011

Eventually, we need to order the stairs to the second floor. And before we can have stairs installed it would be beneficial to have a floor to put the stairway on. And in order to have a floor in the hallway, I need to pull the electricity cables that come under the floor. That was yesterday’s task.

There are plenty of cables “hanging around” in the hallway because the electricity cabinet is there. Even when plenty of cables will run under the ceiling some of them have to be installed under the floor as there are 3 cables you can squeeze through the pre-drilled holes in the logs. Well, after 4 hours that was pretty much done.

We were also collecting offers for stairs last week. The stairs will go (in the image above) left hand side from the main door in a L-shape to the second floor. We have requested only offers from Tähtiportti, Porraspuu, and Westwood. The first two companies have sent their offers in and answered any additional questions within 24 hours. Westwood on the other hand has forwarded the offer request to some of their local representatives, who has, …well…, done exactly nothing yet. We will visit next week still Lappinportti and then decide where to order the stairs from.

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