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Weekend of many small projects

September 19, 2011

What a luxurious weekend at the cottage! The kids were with Mummu for the weekend (thanks Mom!) and the Other Half and I at the cottage from Friday to Sunday. A romantic getaway it was – not! We were hard at work from the moment we arrived.

So what all did we do? This time you have to just take my word for it, as we actually forgot to take pictures of our great accomplishments!

The Other Half spent most of the weekend completing the installation of the wind-proofing panels to the ceiling structure in the living room, which he started last weekend. That is not fun. More than once we were thinking who has thought of this complicated roof structure? Oops, it was us indirectly, of course, as the internal structure is a result of what the house looks like on the outside, which we are responsible for.

The Other Half was though thinking why are we using these wind-proofing panels instead of the wind-proofing paper as on the other two cottages? We couldn’t think of a logical reason, except that they are different methods, but if anyone knows please let us know!

What did I do in the meanwhile? Lots of small projects here and there.

A bit of cleaning and clearing for the winter, as we won’t be coming over night with the kids anymore this fall.

I also painted the guest cottage terrace. It needed oiling anyway, but we had so much left over brown paint from painting Villa Linnea in the summer that I used that instead. Looks very good, as good as new actually.

Our stack of leftover construction garbage was also getting quite big, so on Sunday I burned that. Quite proud of myself for managing to light the fire all by myself, never done that before. Here’s proof (as I took this pic with my phone):

As last before leaving we took some pallets into Villa Linnea in preparation for the arrival of the fireplace materials. They should only arrive in early October, and we should be notified a couple of days in advance, but you never know, maybe they’re early…

The forest is also full of mushrooms and I would have loved to go pick some. But as the poisonous “Kärpässieni” is the only one I recognize, the mushrooms were left there for others. Maybe next year…

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