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Progress on many fronts

September 3, 2011

This weekend I finally manage catch up with last weekend. At least in regards to blogging…

We had super weather last weekend and we continued both with outdoor works and with indoor work. I painted the boards under the roof of the front porch (which again was painfully slow). But at least the front porch is now all painted. That has to last for the next 15 years.

The next project was to continue to build the floor in the hallway. The wind-proofing boards are most easily cut outside to the right width and therefore I also made use of the good weather to get this part done. After the nasty insulation material placement now the entire 1st floor is insulated. So no more cold draft from the bottom of house (but plenty of air coming in through the open ceilings still).

The third project I completed was to put up the lists for the windows in the living room. It wasn’t particular fun to fiddle around the three angular shape of the upper windows. I just hate cutting coverings boards at any other angle than 45 degrees. I’m totally useless with the math and produce lots of scrap. But ultimately I got the job done. Both of the painting job and the installation of the window covering boards somewhere 4.5m above the floor were aided by the brand new scaffolding I purchased recently at IKH for 299 Euro. While it took quite a while to put the scaffolding together (10 min to assemble according to the advertising- NOT!), but it’s a great thing to have to finish the ceiling works in the entire Villa Linnea.

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