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The painting never stops

July 30, 2011

Well, our villa isn’t quite the Eifeltower that needs a painting crew working all year around to corrode away. And it isn’t either as big as our office building either where one guy is working every day on painting the stuff white and white over again. But Villa Linnea has got many walls. That much I can tell you. After a summer of painting I do remember what benefit a simple 4-wall design of a house has. Well, then again, plain 4 walls are quite boring, right? So, we spend a good amount of time painting Villa Linnea in its signature colors (Tikkurila 5072 aka Honka and plain white). My lovely better half was busy painting all those million and one window covering boards. I spent most of my time painting the logs brown (or stain them to be precise).

I also build three out of the four terraces around Villa Linnea. Admittedly, the front and side porches are the smaller ones, but they are also the ones one uses the most. I redesigned the front porch one the fly adding stairs also to the sides making it easier to walk up from any side. While it ruined my materials calculation I have to say that I like the result.

The terrace decks on each sides of the villa also add a lot of functionality. Now all doors can be used with ease. The finishing boards covering the concrete pillars are still missing but I will add them once the lake-side deck is ready.

We didn’t do much inside works. Almost nothing worth while mentioning. On one of the few rainy days (when I didn’t build the terrace decks) I put the floor support structure and the insulation in where the bathroom will be one day. Now only the floor in the hallway area is undone. I probably should do that one still before the next winter comes.

We made good progress on the paint job. At times it felt like we will not even be able to stain all the logs. We also changed our goals from painting the whole exterior to stain the logs and paint the side boards of the roof but not the boards that are underneath the roof. They will get their paint sometime later. The boards underneath the roof also are another lesson learned for us house builders. Why didn’t we order them readily painted? Good question afterward. Well, next time…

Villa Linnea looks now very different. The white color around the windows in contrast to the brown colour of the logs makes a very nice cottage-style impression.


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  1. July 6, 2013 5:34 am

    I totally agree! I still am amazed that this happened these days. I was glad I am not running. I would love to are coming to terms for the future. I will want to know this evolving issue in the future.

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