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Midsummer works

June 26, 2011

I’m back blogging after a week’s break due to slight work overload in the office. So, what does one do on midsummer when one has a building project not even half completed? Well, naturally one makes a very nice bonfire for which has more than enough stuff to burn form left over building materials and pallets.

We also spend some good time to set up the master bedroom. Getting into shape that one can show potential visitors during the summer how Villa Linnea might look like one day. You will find a better photo in my better half’s blog post, but here is already a glimpse of how it looks like.

We also had a visit from the electrician. Power outlets, lamps and even the floor heating are now functional. With power in the house one doesn’t need to pull 50 meters of cables from the distribution cabinet but can use power directly from sockets in the house. Extremely convenient for further building.

I also spent some time of attaching more lists in the living room. Floor lists are a pain in the bud. But nothing is more rewarding after nerve-racking list works than enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.


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