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Interior design begins & lamps, lamps, lamps

June 26, 2011

As the electrician had visited and finished works in the master bedroom, and the Other Half had completed the lists, interior design can start! Well it’s not like we started from 0 with no ideas or furniture…

Four years ago, before we even had bought the cottage lot, the Other Half made a 180cm wide bed for the main cottage, just as a little hobby project. Luckily we have a rather large, warm storage room, so it had been standing there, well packaged, for the last four years.

Three years ago, when we had the lot and were about to start building the guest and sauna cottages, I noticed a bedspread in a small interior design shop in Helsinki that would go just perfect with the bed for the main cottage. More stuff for the storage 🙂

Two years ago, when the guest cottage we are using until Villa Linnea is ready, was finished, we bought one night stand for there, keeping in mind that eventually it will come to the master bedroom of the then-yet-not-even-planned Villa Linnea and matches nicely with the bed in our storage. Well last month we luckily got another matching one in order to have a pair!

What was still missing? Nothing a trip to Ikea wouldn’t fix – so a trailer loaded with mattresses for the bed and closet frames to keep random stuff, and the master bedroom is pretty much ready. Closets are still missing sliding doors as we can’t decide which ones to take, but that’ll probably sort itself out in the fall.

One more nice touch. I asked my grandmother if she would still have some of the carpets she made herself that she doesn’t need. She did, and she gave us two. One just happened to be red – the right color for the master bedroom!

And to the lamps I refer to in the heading? Earlier this spring I was browsing through advertising and noticed a nice chandelier. Neither one of us is really a chandelier person, but when I saw that one live in the shop I knew it would be perfect for the master bedroom. Also last year the Other Half saw some nice bedside lamps at Bauhaus, which I really liked as well. For the lack of any better ideas from me he then got them as a birthday present earlier this year.

So now we have something to show visitors during the summer, a taste of what Villa Linnea will be like when it’s finished. So how does it all look together? I’m very pleased with the way it looks. See for yourself below.

Oh – there is one more lamp worth mentioning! The Other Half had been pining after the Boknäs Tripod lamp, but we didn’t have a place for it at home. But in 2009 in the ready guest cottage we would, so I bought it for him for Christmas 2008. Now we moved it to the master bedroom, where it’s “final” place will be in the reading corner opposite of the bed.

Currently it’s also accompanied by the kids’ beds, which will move upstairs, once the kids rooms are ready, and then the actual reading corner will be in the right corner.

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